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What is my IP address

The IP address can provide information about your particular geographical location, up to the street where you live. Though this address is just a string of numbers, there are trained people who can extract much more valuable data from it. It includes the information of your ISP, which itself is a vast database, 'tasty' for cybercriminals.

IP addresses types: Private vs Public

Your homework consists of all devices you use for going online. Each of them is assigned a private IP address by your ISP. The goal of this mark is to let all the machines 'see' each other.

When you need to connect to the Internet, you need another IP-address that is defined as public. That address becomes your identifier, and private addresses will become invisible to external systems. All devices with unique private addresses will use that public IP address, one for them all. So, if you're wondering - what's my IP - you're essentially asking about your public identifier that's used to connect to the vast network of the Internet.

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IPv4 vs. IPv6

The version determines the ‘building blocks’ and the way your IP address looks.

IPv4 was the standard, but its main disadvantage is the limited number of combinations possible. There can be 4.3 billion unique combinations standing for IP addresses – and we remember that they must be unique. The problem is, there will be more than 4.3 individual 'users' (devices) very soon.

It seems that the IPv6 protocol should replace all the older variants of IP addresses, but it still is not so for two reasons:


The most widespread Version 4 (or IPv4) has the following features:

  • The IP address consists of 4 numbers divided by periods;
  • It uses numbers from 0 to 255.

IPv6 is a much more advanced version:

  • IP addresses consist of 8 blocks of symbols separated by colons;
  • It uses letters together with digits;
  • The number of unique combinations is endless.

What your IP address can tell about you?

What resources do you visit and for how long you stay there
Your hobbies and regular activities
What you buy, and where
Confidential details that you leave without special protection

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